Broker Affiliates

With over 40 years experience, SFG provides financing solutions for borrowers and brokers when traditional lenders are not an option. SFG offers options to those often looking for quick closings, dealing with foreclosure and/or bankruptcy, buy-outs, or do not meet the income/credit requirements of a traditional lender.

Broker & Affiliates Program:

SFG makes it easy for mortgage brokers to assist clients secure the financing for real estate transactions that they need. SFG works diligently and provides remarkable service because we recognize you are the lifeline of our business, and we value and appreciate your decision to work with us.

You will find us to be pleasant and simple compared to other private lending alternatives. Consider offering your clients the chance to experience our extraordinary service and expertise that fits their goals and needs.

SFG offers great incentives for brokers/affiliates who refers business. Depending on the deal referral fees can range from 1%-2%! Please contact us today for more info.